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What is GPS tracking and its benefit?


GPS is owned and operated by the United State Department of Defense but it is available for everyone around the world.

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices receive signals from United State Government satellites that circles the earth and send one-way signals which determines the location that can pinpoint the position in up to three dimensions, the latitude, longitude and altitude. It is available for anyone and everywhere as long as you have a GPS receiver. The GPS receivers take the signal information and use it to calculate the exact location that is transmitted from GPS satellite. Then it calculates the time a signal was transmitted to the time it was received to recognize how far the satellite is.

GPS equipment is now widely used that almost anyone can have GPS. It has now become low cost that even smartphones now do have GPS.

One of the highlights of GPS tracking is that it has a recording process that determine where is the device located. GPS tracking can track vehicles, mobile phones, people, animals and more.  

It is really helpful in many aspect in terms of tracking.

Below are some uses of GPS tracking:

  1.  Company Vehicle Tracking – The Company can now track their company vehicle routes.

  2.  Elderly – As they aged they forgot thing especially direction. GPS tracking can help them to look for the exact direction or when you are afraid to lose them, you can attach GPS tracking to their things in case they’re lost.

  3. Family Members - If you’re suspicious on where your love ones are going, you can attach GPS tracking to their bags, key chain or wallets.

  4. Trip – When you are confused or unsure on which way to go to reach your destination, use GPS tracking device. Or when you got nowhere to go, you can search for directions of places. The GPS tracking device knows where you are. You can see it on a device that shows map with GPS tracking, it’ll shows you your current location and you can search for your desired place to go. 

  5.  Police – The police officers can use the GPS tracking device to track the criminal’s location.

  6.  Pets - Tracking lost pets is possible when using GPS tracking device. Attach the GPS tracking device to their collar to easily track their location.